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Polygon Playground

The video projection technology used by WHITEvoid can transform any interactive object volume.


Wim Delvoye has a totally new approach to construction vehicles by getting them a facelift ...laser cut!

One Day Poem Pavilion

Designed by Jiyeon Song, messages projected on the ground change depending on the position of the sun in the sky.

Experiential Typography

Jiyeon Song does also interesting researchs on how to embody light and shadow.

Kunekune 2

Knit around the structure to create a hybrid!

Tree Drawings

The natural elements replace the the sacrosanct hand of the artist .. Lazy Tim Knowles?


The surreal short film Cisma holds subtle graphic experiments.


Philips developped a technology with which dynamic light messages appear on any fabric!


There was music theory for music. Now, play your scales ...of colors.


A presentation of contemporary graphic design practices with a common theme, the object.

Philips Aurea

Last evolution of Ambilight technology, Aurea extends image beyond the screen ...

Claude Lothier

Workaholic, Claude Lothier explores the representation of structure through simple paper images.

Aurora I

Based on exchanges between musicians and filmmakers, this first opus is a call for new video sensibilities.


X-rays provide an obvious and a surprising technological answer to Objetgraphik issues.


Cappuccino foam holds subtle graphical and typographical properties: OnLatte proves it.


Although some danced letters almost make us smile, the concept remains nonetheless interesting!


Lightex technology is a principle of fiber optic weaving with side lighting. And it's beautiful!


Héctor Serrano studio created a mechanical system which embodies point by point water undulations.

Perceptive Pixel

Jeff Han presented in 2006 a screen with no real interface that could be logically controlled..

The Cityscape Project

Create you a stunning view thanks to the Cityscape Project : a bright idea, and not only all a façade!

Shin Tanaka

Undisputed master of the "paper toy", the Japanese designer works wonders with a A4 sheet and a tube of glue.


Wallpaper with optical effects: the patterns go around the switches, frames, plugs, etc.Disturbing!

The New York Times

An animation of Julien Vallée, brief, fine and ... tactile.

Livre à l'huile

Sumptuously soiled with engine oil, this book/object is an ode to the stain.

Horloge tactile

An informal clock becomes readable when you get in touch with it!

Photosynthesis (Testament)

Created by photosynthesis, these immense plants photographs evolve over time!

Cinema Redux

Cinema Redux allows you to distill your favorite movie in a huge poster print!

Untitled (Shadow2)

Exhibited in the 2007 Lyon Biennale, the interactive work of Shilpa Gupta is as playful as poetic.

Type the Sky

Look up: the typography is sometimes where we do not expect it!

HOAP2 painting a portrait

A robot in search of its creative sensibility potential let the artist speak!

Process Enacted

The movement makes sense and gives to the polaroid a physical presence.


Introduced in 2001, the Nebula project attempts to reinvent the sleep rituals through an interactive space.


What about a video brush stroke?

Renewable Clothing

After one hour, the pens ink is absorbed by the fabric to create a unique dress.


Thanks to 930 fluorescent tubes, the envelope of the Kunsthaus Graz is transformed into a low-resolution screen.


The duo of artists C.Goepel and J.Warnecke have made amazing shots of light paintings.


TileToy is a prototype of an advanced block game, which code is re-programmable, constantly updated ... and Open Source!

Bubble Screen

Bubble Screen releases regularly spaced bubbles at precise intervals to create letters and images.

Augmented Reality

Total Immersion has created a system that directly connects a 2D medium with its 3D visualization!

House of Cards

The last clip of Radiohead was made by using 3D scanning technology and is a simple file to browse.

Barcode Plantage

The application of Daniel A. Becker turns a simple bar code into an unique algorithmic representation.

No ones sees space [...]

A simple poster yes but... with letters and holes in it to see what's behind!

Digital Acoustic Cartography

Daniel Rothauge tests the metamorphosis of sound data into a concrete visual language.

Eden ADN

The Cellule operates within the living matter as it's forming and create a new organic support.

Fil rouge

Typography drawn in space by a red thread, sometimes white ...

SKIN : Tattoo

A technology applied to human body: a tattoo appears and changes in contact with your beloved.


Cut a 2D pattern, make a 3D revolution and you get a beautiful object!


Catch the reflection to reveal objects: a series of photographs of G. Bourdon, to see in Lyon on July 26, 2008.

My Drive Thru

Santogold, Pharrell Williams and Julian Casablancas met together for the Converse brand in a very 2D style.


Swarms of small clouds in Apple shape (or else) may soon invade the sky of Manhattan!

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